Young entrepreneurs (YE) and experienced entrepreneurs (HE) can participate.

New entrepreneurs travel to another EU country and spend time working with an experienced entrepreneur in his or her SME. The matching of the new entrepreneurs with the host entrepreneurs is carried out with the help of intermediary organisations.


Young Entrepreneur (YE) will be invited to submit an application to the local contactperson or directly by Registrations. Through this application, the YE will explain his/her motivation and demonstrate his/her capability to participate in the exchange project.

The application will include in particular (see Guide NE):

Each application will either validated or rejected according to the eligibility criteria:

Selected YEs will be shortlisted and ranked according to the previous criteria. Their profiles will be stored on the internet data base run by the Coordinating Body, which is pestablished at European level in order to work in close cooperation with the European Commission. The selected YEs are ready to be matched with HEs according their needs and their rank on the shortlist, see figure below.

Experienced or Host Entrepreneurs (HE) are invited to contact or directly by Registrations. For more information see Guide HE.

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